Safety Benefits

Power RAX Motorized Garage & Commercial Storage Systems

Safety Benefits

How it works:

1 1.5 hp 110v Electric hoist

Our hoist comes complete with an internal Safety Brake System. This system uses large commercial magnets to “lock” two gears, while the system is not in operation. There is also a back up break to control the speed, while under a load.

2 Block and Tackle Design

This design allows for less load to be placed on the motor. This allows the motor to be more efficient and safer. With this design, we have included Four Independent 3000 Pound Cables to exceed the safety lifting calculation by 24 Times the load. We have the thickest cable in the industry.

3 Mounting Safety

Our systems go where you want them to go. Our mounting tracks are an industry leading 11ga thick steel and span 2 ceiling joists. Your Motorized Lift System mounts to 3 to 6 joists for safety.

4 Strongest Hardware

Our hardware ranges from a grade 3 to 8. Most parts carry grade 8 hardware. This is important because the first part that can fail is likely a piece of hardware. We use the best!

5 Ceiling Safety

We include an automatic shut off on our systems. You can set the automatic ceiling shut off to the height that you choose. This is important as you do not want to crush your items against the ceiling.

6 Strong Storage Deck

Our ALL STEEL platform deck comes with the thickest wire in the industry. We also weld stiffeners to the deck to ensure rigidity. Our rail system comes with a 2 Inch Safety Lip to secure your items.