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Motorized Bike Lift System


Motorized-Lift-05Motorized-Lift-04 Motorized Bike Lift Spec. Sheet

The Motorized Bike Lift is an exclusive product of The Bike Storage Company, and it is capable of transforming a bicycle owner’s garage into a state of the art bike storage system! When The Motorized Bike Lift is used, homeowners are granted the capability to store their bike in the garage, and keep their garage floor space open for storage or other purposes. This bike storage system is more than just a bike rack; The Motorized Bike Lift uses the same innovative technology as our Horizontal Bike Storage System to fold your bike flat to the ceiling, using only minimal space. Furthermore, this bike lift is driven by a powerful motor, rendering placing your bike into storage as easy as the press of a button!

Motorized-Lift-06 The Motorized Bike Lift is designed to offer bicycle owners ease of use, and make removing your bike from storage simple. For those that wish to ride their bikes for exercise purposes, it is important that a bike is able to easily be placed into, and removed from storage. When the bicycle is so accessible, bike owners will typically ride more, gain the health benefits that it can offer, and lose pounds of weight! The Bike Storage Company has kept in mind that when it is easy to use, it is easy to lose, when designing all of our bike storage products. However, no other bike rack encompasses this ideal more than The Motorized Bike Lift. Capable of holding two bikes, and being effortless to operate, this bike storage device is the most cutting edge bicycle storage product available on the market today!

Easy To Use!

Motorized-Lift-01The problem with many bike racks is that they do not consider ease of loading and unloading when designed. Although alternative bike lift systems may be effective at storing bicycles in a space saving fashion, if it is not easy to retrieve the bike from storage the bike will become seldom used, offering none of the health benefits that a home owner may gain from riding their bike on a more regular basis. This is not the case with the Motorized Bike Lift, as it is designed to offer home owners a bike storage system that is easy to use, as well as space saving and efficient.

Motorized-Lift-03Using The Motorized Bike Lift is easy! Simply operate the controller to move the bike rack to floor level, load your bike, and manipulate the controls again to fold the bike flat to the ceiling, storing your bike in the most efficient and effective way possible. This bicycle storage system goes above and beyond what other bike racks are capable of, and when seen in action, there is no doubt that the Motorized Bike Lift is the most innovative and efficient bike storage product available anywhere!


Is The Motorized Bike Lift System for Me?

Many homeowners may feel that a motorized system may not be necessary in order to optimize their bike storage capabilities. However, by being motorized, this system is simple to use and is capable of holding two bikes at a time. Furthermore, The Motorized Bike Lift uses the same innovative design as our exclusive Horizontal Bike Storage System, and is capable of folding the bikes flat to the ceiling, taking up only a small portion of hanging ceiling space as opposed to the large volume of garage wall or floor space that would be taken up by other bike storage products.

Motorized-Lift-02The Motorized Bike Lift System works great for home owners with low garage ceilings because it does not take up a large amount of space when storing your bicycle. This bike storage system also is perfect for home owners with vehicles that they wish to park underneath the rack, as its horizontally folding design allows for maximum headroom or clearance when walking or parking underneath the unit. If you are searching for a bike storage system that is not only easy to use, but also space saving and efficient, The Motorized Bike Lift is the bike storage solution that you have been looking for!