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Motorized Ceiling Storage System


POWER RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit


The Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit is the ultimate easy to use ceiling storage system. This Motorized Overhead Rack System, provides the home owner with a quick and easy way to access your garage storage items. There are 3 different sizes and weight capacities.
No Ladder Required!

Motorized Ceiling Storage Specifications

  • Sizes: 4' x 8'4' x 6'4' x 4' Storage Platforms
  • Color: White & Smoked Chrome. Custom Colors Available
  • Weight Capacity: 500 LBS - 4'x8' and 4'x6'. 300 Pounds on 4'x4'
  • Motor: 110 V 1/2 HP Electric Shaft Drive Motor (500 Pound units)
  • Storage: Adjustable based upon storage items and clearance (12" to 50")
  • Rack Clearance: Depends on rack location
  • Safety Shut Off: Yes. Wireless Power Shut Off Switch
  • Lift Parts: Motor, 10ga mounting tracks, 1700LB aircraft grade cables, adjustable eye bolts
  • Storage Deck: Steel 5mm wire storage grid with 2" safety lip
  • Accessories: 1. Truck/Convertable Car Platform. 2. Tire Rack. 3. Surfboard/Kayak Platform. 4. Bike/Ladder Hooks.

The Power RAX brand Motorized Ceiling Storage System is the ultimate no ladder required ceiling storage device. The first of it's kind Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit allows home owners to safely lower the storage platform off the ceiling with the push of a button.

Power RAX's Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit comes complete with the 110V standard plug in motor, mounting systems, cables, pulleys and steel storage deck to allow the do it yourself home owner to install a system that typically would be out of reach of the average home owner.

System safety features include a durable motorized clutch system, four 1700 Pound aircraft grade coated cables, adjustable shut off system to stop the motor prior to reaching the ceiling and a wireless power disable system to shut the power down while not in use.

4' x 4' Motorized Ceiling Storage "Universal" System

Our 4'x4' Motorized Ceiling Storage System comes with a steel storage platform with safety lip to secure items. This 4'x4' System is called our Universal System due to the expanded features it has. This Universal Motorized Storage System can be ordered with optional storage platforms, tailored to your needs. The Universal System can be ordered with:

  1. Spare Tire Rack - Holds 4-6 passenger tires or 4 large truck tires.
  2. Truck Top/Convertible Car Top Platform and Strap System
  3. Kayak and Surfboard Storage Platform
  4. Optional Bike/Ladder Hooks
Some of the accessories are will be available soon. While the pictures have not been loaded on the site yet, we are prepared to answer any of your questions on them. Just give us a call.

The Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage System is safe, convenient so easy to use. Call us today to discuss this unit or you can preview the Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage Video on our website.